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Foods For a Bigger ButtFoods For a Bigger Butt

It is a fact that you can build bigger muscles in your glutes with exercise and the right nutrition. However, you do not get foods for a bigger butt from eating more food. The muscle building comes from training, the nutrition feeds the muscles and the proper rest is key to recovery. The foods that are best for a bigger butt are protein-rich, high in carbohydrates and include healthy fats.

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Quinoa is a great source of complex carbs and contains eight grams of protein in one cup. It provides the body with all the essential amino acids it does not produce naturally. The carbohydrates in quinoa will fuel your muscles during resistance workouts and reduce the onset of muscle damage and glycogen depletion.

Eggs are a great source of protein and the amino acid leucine. Leucine is an essential amino acid and helps to stimulate muscle growth in your glutes. Eggs are also rich in vitamin B6, choline, lutein and zeaxanthin.

Another protein-rich food is chicken. It is a good source of vitamins and minerals, including potassium and zinc. Zinc promotes muscle growth and recovery, while the potassium in chicken balances blood pressure and regulates blood sugar levels.

Other proteins that are helpful for a bigger butt are turkey, fish and poultry. Fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for muscle growth and reduce bodily inflammation and stress. Poultry is another good protein source, particularly dark meat, which is rich in iron.